RVTools 3.9.5 Released

Rob de Veij has updated his fantastic tool, RVTools to version 3.9.5, this fixes some small issues. Bug fix: Unhandled System.Security.SecurityException in CLI Bug fix: Export vLicence tabpage not working in CLI Bug fix: Export from CLI creates tabpage.xls.xlsx files. Now changed to tabpage.xlsx files Bug fix: dvSwitch tab page has two 'Name' fields. One is renamed now […]

RVTools 3.9.2 Released

This is one of my favorite Tools for gathering information from vCenter and ESXi hosts, and it just got update to version 3.9.2. This new version include the following change/new features/support: Migrated RVTools to use .NET Framework version 4 Migrated RVTools to use NPOI Support for vSphere 6.5 Improved logon performance RVTools will no […]