RVTools 3.11 Released

March 9, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

Rob de Veij has released RVTools 3.11, this is one of my favorite tools.

What’s new:

  • Upgraded RVTools solution to use VMware vSphere Management SDK 6.7U1
  • Windows Authentication Framework (Waffle) is no longer used by RVTools
  • NPOI .NET library for creating excel export files is no longer used by RVTools
  • RVTools now uses OpenXML and ClosedXML for creating the excel export files
  • Performance improvements for export to excel
  • added -ExcludeCustomAnnotations switch to RVTools command line interface
  • added –DBColumnNames switch to RVTools command line interface
  • vInfo tab page new column: Creation date virtual machine
  • vInfo tab page new columns: Primary IP Address and vmx Config Checksum
  • vInfo tab page new columns: log directory, snapshot directory and suspend directory
  • dvSwitch tab page new columns: LACP name, LACP mode and LACP loadbalance Algorithm
  • vNIC tab page new column: Name of uplink port
  • vNetwork tab page new column: Network Adapter DirectPath I/O Parameter
  • vHost tab page new columns: Serial number and BIOS vendor
  • Header row and first column in export Excel file are now locked.
  • First “Select” column is removed from excel worksheet vFloppy, vCD and vTools.
  • added a new executable to merge your vCenter xlsx files super-fast to one xlsx file.
    • RVToolsMergeExcelFiles.exe -input c:\temp\AA.xlsx;c:\temp\BB.xlsx -output c:\temp\AABB.xlsx -template c:\temp\mytemplate.xlsx -verbose –overwrite
  • Example script RVToolsBatchMultipleVCs.ps1 is changed. It will now uses RVToolsMergeExcelFiles to merge the xlsx files.
  • Bug Fix: a Single Sign On problem solved
  • Bug Fix: ExportvSC+VMK2csv command was not working
  • Bug Fix: ExportdvPort2csv command was not working
  • Bug Fix: On vNIC tabpage not all Switch/dvSwitch information was displayed
  • Bug Fix: Export now reflect value of “Latency Sensitivity” enumeration
  • Bug Fix: After changing the preference settings the data is not always refreshed as needed
  • Bug fix: Content Libraries vmdk files are no longer reported as possible zombie files

Download RVTools here: https://www.robware.net/rvtools/

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