vSAN problem

May 28, 2015 0 By Allan Kjaer

I had a customer that is running vSAN, and had recently upgraded to vSphere 6.0. They wanted to upgrade VMFS-L to vSAN-FS (the new drive format). But they could not do this because 1 host had 2 defekt disk groups on it.

The host had been a member of an old vSAN setup, that was scratched.

So we had to fix the disk groups, or delete them, We could not fix them since they was not find the rest of the old vSAN. Then we tried to delete the disk groups, and that also did not work. I check de failed disk for partitions, and found that der was 2 on them, then we tried to delete them, but “partedUtil” came out with an error that it could not find the last block, so i failed.

The disk was made as RAID-0, controller do not support passthru, and the customer had delete logical disk and RAID groups on all disks and recreated them, but that did not delete the partition information, so we still so 2 partition on the disks.

The solution was to boot the host on a gParted Live CD. I gParted theisk looked like they was blank. We then create GPT, EXT4 partition on them, and afterward deleted the EXT4 partition on the disks, reboot the host, and now we could add the disks to the VSAN, and the VSAN, was again healthy

Afterwards could we upgrade de filesystem to vSAN-FS.

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