ESXi 6.0 and network performance issue

I have had a few customers that had a performance issue, when running in certain combination: ESXi 6.0 Windows 2012 / Windows 8 or later Virtual hardware 11 / Compatibility 6.0 or later VMXNET3 network card (this is part of newer VMware Tools) or later There is VMware KB on this, that have a solution: I have used […]

vSAN problem

I had a customer that is running vSAN, and had recently upgraded to vSphere 6.0. They wanted to upgrade VMFS-L to vSAN-FS (the new drive format). But they could not do this because 1 host had 2 defekt disk groups on it. The host had been a member of an old vSAN setup, that was scratched. So we […]

VMware has Released some updates for vSphere 6.0 Products

This products has updates: VMware vSphere vCenter 6.0.0a, see the release notes here: VMware vRealize Orchestrator 6.0.2, see the release notes here: VMware Site Recovery Manager, see the release notes here: VMware vSphere Replicator, see the release notes here:   Share This:

vCloud Suite new releases with support for vSphere 6.0

VMware has also released updated version of some of the vCloud Suite products, that supports vSphere 6.0. vRealize Infrastructure Navigator 5.8.4 release notes: vRealize Automation 6.2.1 release notes: vRealize Business 6.1.0 for vSphere release notes: ​vCenter Site Recovery Manager 6.0.0 release notes:   Share This:

vSphere 6.0 Released

VMware Announcement vSphere 6.0 on February 2nd, and we have been waiting for the release / General Availability og vSphere 6.0 and associated products, Now the wait is over and we can download the binaries:  HP has also released there customized image. vSphere 6.0 release notes is here: vSphere Data Protection 6.0 release notes: vSphere Replication 6.0 release notes: […]