VMware VCF and Holodeck 2.0

February 27, 2024 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has a way you deploy a full VCF environment on a single host as nested environment, the current version deploys a VCF 5.0 enviroment.

I was playing around with this and after deploying this I was doing as I would normally do, I shutdown the Cloud Builder VM after this, the environment did not work.

I had bed doing some things i configuration of different appliances, without taking the appropriate snapshots, so I was thinking that I had broken somethings.

So I redeployed the environment again, and during the deployment I was looking at the Cloud Builder VM, this got the IP address, and then i check the SDDC manager and other machines and they had configured this as there DNS/NTP server and default Gateway.

So be aware that the Cloud Builder in the Holodeck is used for routing and DNS/NTP server.

Note: Remember to reboot the “Holodeck Console” VM after Holodeck deployment to remove the temporary route used during deployment, this is in the document.

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