Veeam, hotadd backup of VM with many disks

I recently had to configure a Veeam backup job for a virtual SQL server with 20 disks.

The job failed with an error that there was not enough SCSI Controllers configured on the backup Proxy, that I used for the hotadd backup.

So I add 3 extra controllers to the backup proxy, in the vSphere Web Client.

The job still failed, this time with another error. What I was seeing in the vSphere client was when the job came to disk adding disks to the second controller, it got added, and after a minuet or so it removed it again, and the added it again, it did this four or five time, before the job failed.

The solution was to only add 1 extra controller, and it worked fine.

I have not testet it with 2 extra controllers.


I have tested with 9.5 update 2 and it is now working, I have not test the version between then and now, so it probably it also works in some earlier versions. The original test was with version 8.0 GA or Update 1 i think. Thanks Markus for the comment. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Veeam, hotadd backup of VM with many disks

  1. Hi Allan,

    this article is quite old, I know. But I think the reason was not the number of controllers but the type. According to the docs: for hotadd you should only use LSI Logic SAS, not VMware Paravitual. I had the same problem and after switching the type all is working fine.

    1. It’s correct that only LSI Logic SAS or LSI Logic Parallel is supported. (I will change the the picture to show the LSI logic SAS, instead of PVSCSI).
      I tested at the time with both LSI Logic SAS and PVSCSI and it failed with both. So proberly fixed with an update og later version.

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