VMware vRealize Automation 8.5.1 Released

VMware has released vRealize Automation 8.5.1. What’s new: New “Project Supervisor” role for approvals This release introduces a new out of the box role called “Project Supervisor” which can be used for approving deployment requests. Any user with this role can serve as an approver only for that specific Project. Learn more. Onboard vSphere networks […]

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 Released

VMware has VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 on Dell EMC VxRail 4.3. What’s new: Flexibility in Application Virtual Networks (AVN):  Application Virtual Networks (AVN)s, which include the NSX Edge Cluster and NSX network segments, are no longer deployed and configured during bring-up. Instead they are implemented as a Day-N operations in SDDC Manager, […]

VMware vRealize Automation 8.5 Released

VMware has released vRealize Automaiton 8.5. vRealize Automaiton 8.5 Project Administrator can act as Approver for all approval requests When creating an approval policy, administrators can select a Project Administrator (for the project in which the approval was triggered) as the approver. This means a policy can be created once, for the organization, or a […]

VMware Horizon 2106 and More Released

VMware has released Horizon 2106, App Volumes 4, version 2103.3, Dynamic Environment Manager Release Notes 2106 and ThinApp 5.2.10. Horizon 2106 What’s new: VMware Horizon version 2106 provides the following new features and enhancements. This information is grouped by installable component. Beginning with this release, version numbering is based on the planned year and the […]

vRealize Automation 8.4.2 and more Released

VMware has released vRealize Automation 8.4.2, vRealize Orchestrator 8.4.2 and vRealize Log Insight 8.4.1. vRealize Automation 8.4.2 (including vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.4.2) What’s new: Disks added through vRO and extensibility reflected on deployment (topology) diagram Disks that were added using vRO workflows or ABX with vRA APIs at the time of initial provisioning are […]

vCSA /storage/log Running Full

I have been trouble shooting a problem with the /storage/log running full, for a customer. The problem was that the file /storage/log/vmware/vmware-sps/sps-runtime.log.stderr file was growing very large. I the log file I found the the vmware-sps (Storage Profile Service) had some problems. The errors looks like this May 31, 2021 7:18:02 AM org.bouncycastle.jsse.provider.ProvTlsClient notifyAlertRaised INFO: […]

vRealize Automation 8.4.1 and Other Released

VMware has released vRealize Automation 8.4.1. vRealize Automation Saltstack 8.4.1, vRealize Orchestrator 8.4.1 and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.4.1. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.4.1 This is a bug fixing version and it give support for vRealize Automation 8.4.1 and vRealize Automation Saltstack 8.4.1. See the release notes here. vRealize Automation 8.4.1 and vRealize Automation Saltstack […]