VMware vRealize Automation 8.11.1 Released

VMware has released VMware vRealize Automation 8.11.1, VMware vRealize Automation Saltstack Config 8.11.1 and VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.11.1 This version fixes one of the thing I have been requesting for at long time, it’s now possible to customize mail notification from vRA. VMware vRealize Automation 8.11.1 / VMware vRealize Automation Saltstack Config 8.11.1 What’s new:…

By Allan Kjaer February 21, 2023 0

vCenter Expired Certificates

I had a strange problem in my Lab, that was showing that there was expired certificates in the vCenter. Running the following command on the vCenter Appiance: This show that there was no expired certificates, but there was a expired Certificate Request. The __MACHINER_CSR was expired, I think this was leftover becaurse created 1 request,…

By Allan Kjaer February 19, 2023 1

Veeam B&R v12 Released and One v12

Veeam has released Backup & Replication v12 and One v12. I will properly update this post later. Veeam B&R v12 This is a much anticipated release with many new features, that we have been waiting for like: See the release notes here. See the complate what’s new here. Veeam One v12 See the release notes…

By Allan Kjaer February 15, 2023 0

VMware vRealize Automation 8.11 Released

VMware has released vRealize Automation 8.11, vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.11 and vRealize Orchestrator 8.11. vRealize Automation 8.11 / vRealize Automation SaltStack Config 8.11 What’s new: resolved Issues: Seethe full release notes for more informations here. vRealize Orchestrator 8.11 This is a maintenance release that fixes some problems and other maintenance.

By Allan Kjaer January 20, 2023 0