VUM plug-in missing i vSphere UI

Just had a vCenter 6.7 Update 3i, where I did not see the VUM plug-in.

there was no information in the logs, or any other places, the only thing was that en vSphere-UI Client toke a long time to start, and it toke a long time to login to it.

I could see that there was some plug-ins that had problems with loading, this was an old Veeam and Nimble plug-ins.

After unregistering the Veeam and Nimble plug-ins, and restarting the vSphere-ui ad vSphere-Client, I cloud use the VUM.

Note sure if it was the Veeam plug-in, Nimble plug-in og the combination of them that coursed the problem.

The Nimble plug-in will be installed again, when it updated. The customer do not use the Veeam Plug-in, so that will not be installed again.

I will update the blog, if I get/finds more information.

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One thought on “VUM plug-in missing i vSphere UI

  1. Hi Allan,

    Did you get this issue resolved? I had an identical issue and I luckily managed to find the root cause. I had to manually clear the old veeam plugin and the vum plugin. Next I downloaded the vum plugin from another one of my vcenters to the appropriate directory. Logged out and restarted the UI service and no more issues with vum. Finally, I redeployed the veeam plugin

    Please let me know if its still an issue so I can share the steps to resolve in greater detail.

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