vSphere HTML5 Web Client v1.4

May 4, 2016 0 By Allan Kjaer

Wow. VMware has updated there vSphere HTML5 Web Client fling to version 1.4, It's going really fast with new versions, NICE.

Version 1.4

New Features

  • Upload a file to a Datastore ([Datastore] -> Manage -> Files) – Client Integration Plugin is not required
  • Migrate a VM’s compute resource to a resource pool


  • Edit an existing SCSI controller
  • Hot remove CD/DVD drives

Bug Fixes

  • Clone VM wizard — successful compute resource compatibility checks should now show a result

I missed to write about version 1.

Version 1.3

New Features

  • Select a datastore cluster as storage when creating a VM (note — cannot disable DRS yet)


  • Add new devices to a VM from a single menu
  • Filenames (OVA and RPM) now reflect Fling version numbers as well as matching build numbers
  • More information about vApps on the inventory list

Bug Fixes

  • CD/DVD -> Datastore ISO filepicker is now working properly
  • Several unhandled JS exceptions
  • Bug fix for host power management settings

You can find it here: https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vsphere-html5-web-client

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