vRealize Network Insight 3.8 Released

June 19, 2018 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released vRealize Network Insight 3.8.

What's new:

Cisco ASA Series Support

  • You can add Cisco ASA series as a data source in vRealize Network Insight. In this release, vRealize Network Insight supports the following features for the Cisco ASA series:
    • Cisco ASA-X series only
    • Routed mode and L2 bridging mode only
    • Cisco ASA operating system version 9.4 only

In this release, vRealize Network Insight does not support the following features for the Cisco ASA series:

  • Clustered deployment of Cisco ASA
  • High availability feature of Cisco ASA

Integration of vRealize Network Insight and vRealize Log Insight

  • In the vRealize Network Insight-vRealize Log Insight integration, the alerts generated by vRealize Log Insight are consumed by vRealize Network Insight. The integration supports the CRUD-related alerts corresponding to the NSX security groups only.When the NSX security group is created or modified, the logs of NSX reflect these changes. When these logs are sent to vRealize Log Insight, it sends an alert to vRealize Network Insight, which further fetches the latest data for the changed security group from the NSX manager.

Analytics for Outlier Detection

  • vRealize Network Insight offers analytics based on the flow based metrics defined over the VMs and physical IP addresses. Through outlier detection, vRealize Network Insight enables you to detect a particular VM experiencing very different traffic pattern compared to other VMs/IPs in the group. For example, a VM sends or receives much higher/lower traffic compared to the rest of the group. Such a VM is categorized as an outlier.

User-Defined Preferences

  • This feature enables an admin user to modify the idle session timeout duration on the UI.   

NSX Edge Data Collection Changes

  • When you add a NSX data source, you can enable the automatic edge data collection. In the  previous releases, the edge data collection was done either by NSX Central CLI or Edge-SSH session. From this release onwards, the edge data collection is done by NSX Central CLI and no edge data providers are created under NSX Manager.

Enforcing Limits on the Number of Flows

  • From this release onwards, vRealize Network Insight enforces the limits on the number of the flows processed for the platform as well as the collector. The limits are enforced by stopping the processing flow data. Also, visibility has been provided into the flow processing load in terms of  flow count at the NetFlow reporter, datasource, platform, and collector level.

AWS Enhancements

  • The support for the following properties of the AWS availability zones have been added:
    • AWS Availability Zone property for AWS Instance and AWS VPC​
    • AWS Availability Zone in search queries, group by/ order by clauses​
    • AWS Availability Zone filter
  • The AWS instance or AWS VM has been renamed to AWS EC2.
  • The AWS manager has been renamed to AWS account.

Palo Alto Networks Panorama Enhancements

  • vRealize Network Insight captures the Palo Alto Networks Panorama policies to be displayed in VM to VM path when hierarchical device group is configured. At a given device group level, some policies are defined at the device group level and apart from that there are policies which are inherited from the ancestor device groups.
  • Multiple service definitions are supported.

Recommended Firewall Rules

  • The following information for the recommended firewall rules has been added:
    • Members (VM and non-VM IP Endpoints) of the source and the destination of a recommended rule
    • Flows that are related to a recommended rule

Disk Usage Guidance

  • From this release onwards, vRealize Network Insight alerts the users about disk usage and provides recommendations on the required additional space.

Support for Online Upgrade of Cluster

  • You can perform the online upgrade for clustered deployment in addition to the single node setup and air-gap collectors. Ensure that all the platform nodes are able to access the vRealize Network Insight upgrade server.

New and Improved Installation Workflow

  • A new, secure, and improved installation workflow has been introduced for vRealize Network Insight. Refer vRealize Network Installation Guide for the workflow details.

Se the full release notes here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight/3.8/rn/vrealize-network-insight-38-release-notes.html

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