vRA 8.1 Deployment Error LCMVRAVACONFIG590008

July 24, 2020 0 By Allan Kjaer

I was deploying a new test environment of vRA in the Test/Demo lab, from vRealize LifeCycle Manager, but when doing this i was getting the error LCMVRAVACONFIG590008.

After looking in the logs on the vRealize Lifecycle Manager logs, I found this in the log file: /var/log/vrlcm/vmware_vrlcm.log

2020-07-24 08:36:18,305 [ERROR] Exception while setting vidm.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/python-modules/vracli/commands/vidm.py", line 106, in set_handler
File "/opt/python-modules/vracli/commands/vidm.py", line 212, in __create_vidm_clients
if not vidm.get_user(owner):
File "/opt/python-modules/vracli/vidm.py", line 77, in get_user
raise Exception(f"Request for user {username} returned too many results: {len(resources)}")
Exception: Request for user administrator returned too many results: 2

So the workflow found 2 users called “administrator”, I have used “administrator” i den initial vRLCM/vIDM/vRA deployment, and also added a domain and the domain “administrator”, i den sync settings on the vRLCM/VMware Identity Manager.

so I did some changes to the sync settings to get the domain administrator out, that required some new AD groups, and permissions in vRLCM and vRA under identity manaegment, project and other places.

After removing the domain “administrator” from the sync settings, and checking that it was not a member of any of the groups i used in vRA. It deployed without problems.

Learnings from this: choose the admin name for deployment of the initial vRLCM/vIDM/vRA, should have been something better, and uniqe, that will be used in AD or any other authentication source, or simply do not use domain “administrator” in vRA.

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