VMware vSphere and HP StoreVirtual VSA

July 16, 2014 0 By Allan Kjaer

When using VMware ESXi/vSphere combined with HP StoreVirtual it always been a bit of a problem starting the datacenter, or the Branch Office installation where this solution is used.

If you had to do a complete shutdown of this solution, the the startup procedure was to turn on all the ESXi hosts, make sure that all the VSAs and the FOM was booted (automatically), and the you had to do a rescan for the iSCSI LUNs,

This is because  the ESXi server only do a initial SCAN for ISCSI target during the boot, and any targets not discovered during boot will not be scanned for until manual intervention from the user.

HP has now provided with a VIB that contains a workaround for this problem.



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