VMware vRealize Network Insight 4.2 Released

July 19, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released vRealize Network Insight 4.2.

What’s new:

  • Application Discovery and Visibility
    • Application Discovery
      • REGEX Builder to detect patterns, Save/Edit templates of the discovery configurations, Bulk-Save of discovered applications.
    • Application Dashboard
      • Zoom-In to visualize more members (VMs, Physical IPs, and Kubernetes Services) and connections between them.
      • Visualize tiers by type: vCenter, Kubernetes, VMware Cloud on AWS.
      • View and filter unprotected flows​.
      • ‘What’s New’ section​ to identify changes to this application in the last 24 Hrs.
  • VMware NSX Data Center
    • NSX-V
      • Support for Flow Round Trip Time (RTT) and Virtual Infrastructure Latency (vNIC-pNIC, pNIC-vNIC, vNIC-vNIC and VTEP-VTEP)
      • Edge Load Balancer (LB) support
      • LB configuration and metrics
      • VM/IP to VM path with LB
    • NSX-T
      • Identify users who made the changes (CREATE, UPDATE) and show on the timeline
      • Policy Manager: Link Policy Info to NSGroup, IPSet, L2 Network, Firewall Rule
    • VM-VM underlay topology improvements
      • Simplified numbering​, details on entity click
      • Number tooltip on entity hover, group numbering when entity numbers are grouped, and a path through PNIC context
      • Complete VM-VM path when NSX Edge configured with trunk interface.
  • Third-Party Device Support
    • Fortinet Firewall support through FortiManager.
    • User Assisted Network Information Framework (UANI)​ SDK: UANI allows the addition of third-party devices which are not supported natively in vRealize Network Insight.
  • Container Visibility and Security
    • Support for Red Hat OpenShift version 3.11 and below
    • Support for defining applications using Kubernetes constructs such as Kubernetes Service Name and Namespace
  • Public Cloud – AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS
    • Support for AWS instance type, EC2 subnets, and region property
    • AWS Security Group change tracking
    • UX/UI enhancements for VMware Cloud on AWS data source page
  • Other Enhancements
    • Pinboards: ​More intuitive and readily noticeable Edit and Share options. Easy pin, drag and move option with a prominent visual indicator, inline edit for the title and description field.
    • Analytics:
      • Detect abnormal flows using Flow RTT in the ‘Flow Insights’ dashboard
      • Auto-enable ‘Dynamic Baseline’ analytics during Application Definition
      • New scope of Applications in the Threshold Configuration page
    • Plan Security Micro-segmentation:
      • Guidance to identify flow links between wedges
      • IPset/IP address included when recommended Firewall rules are exported .csv format
    • One-click support bundle creation

See the full release notes here: Release Notes

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