VMware vRealize Network Insight 4.0 Released

December 23, 2018 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released vRealize Network Insight 4.0.

What’s new:

  • Public/Hybrid Cloud
    • VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Integration as a data source
    • Traffic analysis and micro-segmentation planning for VMC workloads
    • Migration planning from on premises to VMC
    • Hybrid network path troubleshooting (VMC-to-on-premises, gateways, VPN)
  • New capabilities in AWS
  • Geo blocking support to limit the AWS API calls to certain AWS regions
  • VM-VM path for the network visibility for network troubleshooting between the following two components: 
  • On-premises SDDC and AWS
  • On-premises VMs and AWS EC2 instances

Day 2 Operations Enhancements

  • VMware NSX-T Data Center Enhancements
    • Support for additional events to monitor NSX-T health along with the enriched metrics for logical switch, logical port, router interface, and firewall rules
    • Support for NAT in VMware NSX-T Data Center. This release supports SNAT, DNAT and REFLEXIVE rules
  • Third-party support
    • Cisco ACI as physical underlay visibility includes End Point Groups, dashboards, search queries, and the VM-VM path topology over the leaf/spine arch.
    • Cisco BGP-EVPN overlay detection as the physical underlay connectivity
    • sFlow ingestion for the underlay traffic or the flow analysis
    • F5 BIG-IP (as a routing hop only)
    • Cisco ASA firewall
    • Check Point Firewall Enhancements
      • Support for Multi-Domain Management Server
      • Support for Virtual System Extensions (VSX)

See the full release notes here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight/4.0/rn/vrealize-network-insight-40-release-notes.html

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