VMware vRealize Network Insight 3.4 Released, and other

June 2, 2017 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released vRealize Network Insight 3.4.

What's new:

  • AWS Public Cloud Support
    • vRealize Network Insight now provides visibility into native AWS constructs such as VPC, VM, Security Group, and Firewall rules. Traffic flows are also analyzed to provide security and micro-segmentation view of cloud workloads (Enterprise edition only).
  • Configurable Data Retention 
    • vRealize Network Insight provides ability to modify the data retention periods for problem events, configuration changes, and metrics (Enterprise edition only). 
  • Support for Physical Devices in Application Modeling 
    • vRealize Network Insight now allows the inclusion of physical servers in application tier definition and micro-segmentation planning.
  • New NSX Operation Events 
    • Additional NSX operations alerts have been introduced in this release. 
  • Customization of Alerts 
    • The customization is done through global macro settings as well as at individual alerts level. 
  • Support of vCenter Tags and Annotations 
    • It is an additional way to group virtual machines into security and application groups.
  • Visibility of Physical Layer-2 Network 
    • From this release onwards, the layer-2 networks are visible in the VM-to-VM path dashboard.
  • Addition of Syslog Messages
    • vRealize Network Insight supports syslog messages for sending the events generated by the system to external log management products (including Log Insight). 

See full release notes here: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/vrni/34/vrealize-network-insight-34-release-notes.html

vRealize Operations 6.3.1

This is a minor update, that fixes a problem with indexing, where the can't go online.

See full release notes here: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/vrops/63/vrops-631-release-notes.html

vRelealize Automation 7.3.0 (New downloadable)

There is a new distribution of the software from May 25th 2017, that fixes a problem with missing endpoint after upgrade, see this blog: https://www.vmguru.com/2017/05/missing-endpoints-after-upgrading-to-vrealize-automation-7-3/


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