VMware vRealize 7.5 issues

I have lately been working with VMware vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchstrator, and have had some issue with the new version, and also one "issue" that's also existed in older versions.

Deployment requast and Custom Form are stuck at "Loading"

Some times when you request a blueprint which uses a Custom Form, the loading of the form just get stuck. there is a workaround to get the form to show by pressing "CTRL+F5" but that is not pretty.

I have had a support case on this issue, and VMware has now provided a solution, and published a KB on the Issue, see it here: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/59378

Custom Form and Ochestrator Validation

The next problem is when using Blueprint Custom Form, and Orchestrator Validation.

The problem is that vRealize Administration is not passing string values to vRealize Orchstrator.

Here is how I tested the issue.

created a Orchestrator Action for the validation, that just going to pass the input stirng as an failed validation.

return "Input Value : " + input;

and the blueprint custom form looks like this.

Validation looks like this.

When requesting the blueprint, the validation failes as expected, but form the message we can see that i did not get anything into "input" string, It just says "Input value : null".

Another test shows that the problem is something in vRA, because if we put the input in between quotation mark, it actually passes data to vRealize Orchestrator.

I have a VMware support case on this, but still no solution. I will update this, when I get a solution.

I have tested this in multiple installation, with the same result. In vRealize Automation 7.4 this works.

Deployment progress and the refresh button

This is just a little problem, that when looking at the deployemnt progress, and what to refresh the information, it goes away from the history tab,

After hitting the refresh button, it changes the tab to "Components".

The solution is just to click on the History.

There are also som icons that do not update, like icon showing if a virtual machine is power on or off.

I have had a support case on this, and VMware will some time in the future fix this in an update, There is no KB for this.

Blueprint a Virtual Machines with 0 Network Adapters

This is not an really a issue, since I don't have any use cases for this.

I have created a blueprint without any network Components and set the "Maximum network adapters" to 0, the information says, that this will disable adding network adapters to the virtual machine. 

The template that i use has no network adapters.

After deployment the machine has a network adapter.

I have had a VMware Support case on this, The behavior is as expected. From VMware vRealize version 7.0, it is not possible to have a virtual machine with 0 network adapters, since there are no use cases for this.

VMware will properly change the information text on the network tab.

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