VMware vRA/vRO User interaction

February 23, 2023 2 By Allan Kjaer

With VMware vRealize Automation they added support for using vRO “User Interactions” in vRO workflows.

I have used this in vRA version 7.x before and hade some use-cases for this.

With vRealize Automation 8.10 this was introduced, and I had some problem getting it to work like it did in version 7.x.

I had a little time in the Lab today to find out why it do work or more specific how to get it to work.

I look like it’s not all the “User Interaction” options that can be used.

Te “security.assingnees” do not work, which I was expecting, then I tried the “security.assigee.groups” and that works.

But I may not be interested in assigning it to a group but only the user that has requested the workflow.

Hope the VMware will change this in a future release of vRA/vRO. I also had a problem in the form with a default on a “boolean” that had set to “Yes” but the form in vRA had it to “No”.

I also hope that this will be available for vRA Extensibility Subscription Events.

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