VMware vRA 8 Subscriptions and Advanced Condition Filters

September 18, 2021 4 By Allan Kjaer

I had to do some filters on a vRealize Automation 8.5, that was based on a tag on the VM/Compute resource.

There is no god documentation for that in VMware’s documentation, and searching the internet did not give anything, maybe I was just search for the correct things.

So I had to dig into the problem and find a solution, and I finally found out how this works.

The filter need to be like this:

event.data["tags"]["onboarding"] == "true"

This can also be used on custom properties. The syntax is the about the same same:

event.data["customProperties"]["<property>"] == "values"

Hope this can help somebody.

NOTE: This does not work on all Event Subscription, I know it does not work on “Deployment *” as this do not have any custom properties or tags.

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