VMware VEBA 0.7.3 Released

July 14, 2022 0 By Allan Kjaer

The VMware Event Broker Appliance version 0.7.3 has been released.

This is one of my favorite toy to play around with, so tomorrow i will see if can get time to change my old one for this release.

I have been talking about this a lot to colleagues and also had a session on the Danish summer VMUG meeting, and another session at a user group for our Danish VMware customer at Atea Denmark, this is called “VMware Klubben”.

This new release has some new interesting samples, updated modules and fixes.

So this should be interesting to see if still works a usual or if I need to update some of my demo functions.

See the release notes here.

For download go the fling site here.

The next release should be version 0.8.0 and this release will get some really interesting updates/features and more, can’t wait for it.

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