VMware VCF on VxRail Upgrade Failure

September 22, 2020 0 By Allan Kjaer

I was upgrading our VCF on VxRail to with my colleague Anders Jacobsen.

When Running the upgrade, the first elements, the SDDC Manager and vCenter update went fine, but when we came to the VxRail manager, that needed op upgraded to version 7.0.010-26590399, it failed with a strange error.

Error: Unexpected failure during upgrade, please check lcm-web.log or lcm.log Details: action : VxRail Manager upgrade failed on target: vx-vcf-vxmgr-01 due to error deploy temp vxm. Failure occurred in the middle of upgrading. If you want to resume, make sure the failed component has recovered to its pre-upgrade state and then click Resume. message: error deploy temp vxmERROR:action : Unexpected failure during upgrade, please check lcm-web.log or lcm.log message: Upgrade failed. Unexpected failure during upgrade, please check lcm-web.log or lcm.log.

I was look for some help to this error, and did not find anything. But after contacting Anders, that is a VxRail expert, he said that he know that error, and told me that it was because we had changed the name of the VxRail Manager under den deployment of the VCF 4.0.

The problem is that when upgrading from VxRail Manager version 7.0.000 to version 7.0.010, the upgrade want to deploy a new VxRail Manager appliance, and i first check for the old appliance, but it look for a VM called “VxRail Manager”, and since we changed that, which is support, according to the documentation for VxRail, if fails.

We just changed the name of the VxRail manager to “VxRail Manager”.

After that the upgrade went a little better, but after upgrading the the VxRail and the cluster, it fails in the SDDC Manager, with the this error.

VxRail component upgrade failed with error HostKey has been changed

This error is documented in the Release notes for VCF on VxRail, as a known issues, there are descript 2 upgrade failures an known issues , so I also check the VxRail Manager for the other issue, and that was also a pressent. see the release notes here.

I had a little problems with the “mystic” password, because I did not known the default password for “mystic”. but I was able to fix this by logging in thru the VM Remote Console, where i logged in as “root”, and ran “passwd mystic”. The VxRail Manager upgrade migrates the root password, and that was also in the password locker on the SDDC Manager.

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