VMware Unified Access Gateway and Firewall Ports

March 6, 2020 0 By Allan Kjaer

I was changing an VMware Horizon View Security Gateway, to the VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG), because I had som problems with the old Security Gateway, in our Demo/test environment. Properly something with the Windows OS og Windows firewall, so to get away for Windows I decided to use the UAG instead.

When setting up the new I had to create some new firewall rule, and was looking at the documentation for the port list, and found this port lists for VMware Horizon View.

But after using this list, was testing things and Blast and PCoIP was working fine, but the RDP was not working.

So i looked at the logs i the UAG server, and could see that i tried to do connection from the UAG server to the VDI agent, on TCP port 3389 (RDP), and that’s not in the documentation.

The solution is to add a firewall rule for RDP.

3389TCPUAG Desktops and RDS HostsRDP

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