VMware NSX-T 3.0.1 Released

June 26, 2020 1 By Allan Kjaer

Vmware has released NSX-T Data Centere 3.0.1.

What’s new:

  • Detailed memory usage of Edge node for both the control plane and data plane is available in the NSX Manager user interface (UI). Detailed CPU usage is also reported in the UI.  
  • A CLI command is available to remove NSX from your ESXi host. If you have an ESX host with NSX vibs in a stale state and you are unable to uninstall NSX from that host, you can log in to the host and use the CLI command “del nsx” for a guided step-by-step process to remove NSX from that host and bring it back to a clean state so you can reinstall NSX from scratch.
  • Active Global Manager Clustering: Global Manager VMs can now form a cluster to provide enhanced local resilience.
  • Local Manager override workflows: In case Global Manager cannot be reached from Local Manager, a limited set of parameters of global objects could be overridden on Local Manager.
  • Nested groups: On Global Manager, the groups can now be nested (groups in groups).
  • Firewall rules across regions: On Global Manager, the firewall rules can now use one group from a region that is different from the firewall policy to which the rule belongs.
  • Tier-0 Active/Standby topologies: On Global Manager, Tier-0 can now be configured as active/standby with location primary/secondary.
  • Federation scale: Support up to four locations with 32 hosts each.

See the full release notes here.

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