VMware NSX-T 2.4.0 Released

March 19, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released NSX-T 2.4.0. This is new major version, that has a lot of new features, enhancements and fixes.

This version also features a migration from NSX-V og NSX Data Center for vSphere.

What’s new:

NSX-T Data Center 2.4 provides a variety of new features to provide new functionality for virtualized networking and security for private, public, and hybrid clouds. Highlights include a new intent-based networking user interface, context-aware firewall, guest and network introspection features, IPv6, highly-available clustered management, profile-based NSX installation for vSphere compute clusters, rebootless maintenance upgrade mode of NSX for vSphere compute, new in-place upgrade mode for vSphere compute and a migration coordinator for migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center.

See the full release notes here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-T-Data-Center/2.4.0/rn/VMware-NSX-T-Data-Center-240-Release-Notes.html

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