VMware Horizon View 6.2 Released

September 4, 2015 0 By Allan Kjaer

What's New in This Release of Horizon 6

VMware Horizon 6 version 6.2 provides the following new features and enhancements:

  • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 is supported as a desktop guest operating system
    • Horizon Client runs on Windows 10
    • Smart card is supported on Windows 10.
    • The View User Profile Migration tool migrates Windows 7, 8/8.1, Server 2008 R2, or Server 2012 R2 user profiles to Windows 10 user profiles.
  • RDS Desktops and Hosted Apps
    • View Composer. View Composer and linked clones provide automated and efficient management of RDS server farms.
    • Graphics Support. Existing 3D vDGA and GRID vGPU graphics solutions on VDI desktops have been extended to RDS hosts, enabling graphics-intensive applications to run on RDS desktops and Hosted Apps.
    • Enhanced Load Balancing. A new capability provides load balancing of server farm applications based on memory and CPU resources.
  • One-Way AD Trusts
    One-way AD trust domains are now supported. This feature enables environments with limited trust relationships between domains without requiring View Connection Server to be in an external domain.
  • Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) Enhancements
    • Hosted App Support. Support for application remoting allows applications to be launched using global entitlements across a pod federation.
    • HTML Access (Blast) Support. Users can use HTML Access to connect to remote desktops and applications in a Cloud Pod Architecture deployment.
  • Virtual SAN 6.1
    • All-Flash support (Requires vSphere 6.0)
    • Stretched cluster support
  • Access Point Integration
    Access Point is a hardened Linux-based virtual appliance that protects virtual desktop and application resources to allow secure remote access from the Internet. Access Point provides a new authenticating DMZ gateway to View Connection Server. Smart card support on Access Point is available as a Tech Preview. Security server will continue to be available as an alternative configuration. For more information, see Deploying and Configuring Access Point.
  • FIPS
    Install-time FIPS mode allows customers with high security requirements to deploy Horizon 6.
  • Graphics Enhancements
    • AMD vDGA enables vDGA pass-through graphics for AMD graphics hardware.
    • 4K resolution monitors (3840×2160) are supported.
  • View Administrator Enhancements
    • View Administrator shows additional licensing information, including license key, named user and concurrent connection user count.
    • Pool creation is streamlined by letting View administrators clone existing pools.
  • Horizon 6 for Linux Desktop Enhancements
    Several new features are supported on Horizon 6 for Linux desktops, including NVIDIA GRID vGPU, vSGA, RHEL 7.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 guest operating systems, and View Agent installation of JRE 8 with no user steps required.

For complete release notes: https://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/horizon-6-view/horizon-62-view-release-notes.html

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