VMware has released Aria Automation 8.17

May 16, 2024 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released Aria Automation 8.17 and Aria Automation Orchestrator 8.17.

There are some changes that you should be aware of:

  • Announcing intent to deprecate specific Kubernetes automation capabilities
    • This will be replaced by new capabilities (CCI)
  • Announcing intent to remove deprecated automation capabilities
    • NSX-V stuff

What’s new:

  • New VMware Aria Automation home page
  • New Launchpad added to the VMware Aria Automation home page
  • Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) Supervisor namespace, TKG, and other resource support in the Automation Assember design canvas
  • Integrating a single VMware Aria Operations on-prem instance with multiple VMware Aria Automation on-prem tenants
  • Day 2 action for unregistering a cluster of VMs
  • Increased number of private cloud accounts in VMware Aria Automation
  • Content sharing policy now supports scope at the organization level and also enables role-based access control
  • New Active Directory (AD) error messages when changing projects
  • Aria Automation Orchestrator
    • License management is moved from the Control Center to the Automation Orchestrator Client

See the full release notes here.

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