VMware Fling VEBA v0.7 Released

October 6, 2021 0 By Allan Kjaer

William Lam and Michael Gasch has released version 0.7 of the VEBA Fling.

What’s new.

  • VMware Horizon Event Provider
  • Generic CloudEvent Webhook Event Provider
  • Day 2 Operations Improvements
  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • New Function Examples
  • VEBA Website Update
  • bug fixes and enhancements

There at lots of optimization for Knative functions, so make sure to look into the new samples, and look at the function you already have, there can be great ideas for optimizations in them.

This is the last version to use the both OpenFaaS and Knative. in the next version it will only support Knative, so it’s strongly recommended to convert your OpenFaasS functions to Knative.

Now I have to go thru my existing function a get them ready for this new release, so I know what to do with any spare time I have.

See William Lams blog about this release here.

Find the fling here.

For a complete list of changes and more look here.

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