VMware Event Broker Appliance v0.5.0 Fling Released

December 11, 2020 0 By Allan Kjaer

Michael Gasch and William Lam has released version 0.5.0 of there VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) fling.

This is one of my favorite flings at the moment, I have been doing some fun and useful functions with version 4.x. Last week a did a presentation of VEBA, with demoes of this Functions to the danish VMware AutoUG (Automation User Group), and internally in Atea Denmark.

I will properly write at blog about some of the demos have done, and the findings I have found during this developing this demos. But I will first “upgrade” to the version 5.0, to see if that fixes some of the problem I identified, and created workaround for.

What’s new in version 0.5.0 (Highlights):

  • Implement at-least-once delivery via checkpointing
  • Update K8s, Contour, OpenFaaS to latest stable release
  • Add Helm chart
  • Increase timeout
  • Add Knative Processor
  • Integrate Knative Processor

See the fling here:

The fling home page is here.

Change log for VEBA.

Already looking forward to the next version, or that this will be a “real” product or feature.

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