VMware Enterprise PKS 1.5 and Essential PKS 1.15 Released

August 20, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has release new versions of Enterprise PKS 1.5 and Essential PKS 1.15.

Enterprise PKS 1.5

What’s new:

  • External SAML identity provider support
  • Support for OIDC prefixes
  • Configurable lifetime for Kubernetes cluster access token
  • Windows worker node support (Beta)
  • Cluster by cluster upgrade (Beta)
  • VMware Enterprise PKS Management Console (Beta coming soon)
  • Kubernetes 1.14.5
  • Network Profile Support for third party ingress controllers, third party load balancers, NCP logging, configure DNS lookup, configure section markers for distributed firewall placement
  • Observability enhancements like support for third party monitoring service via telegraf agent, configurable node default behavior, metric sinks per namespace support,
  • Telemetry enhancements

For more information see the download: downloads

Essential PKS 1.15

For information see the download page: downloads

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