VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2 Released

February 9, 2021 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released Cloud Foundation 4.2.

This version contains vRealize Suite to 8.2, NSX-T to 3.1, and updates to other things like vCenter/ESXi/…..

What’s new:

  • vSAN HCI Mesh Support: VMware Cloud Foundation supports HCI Mesh on VSAN clusters. This capability allows you to utilize storage from remote vSAN clusters in a local vSAN cluster. 
  • NSX-T Federation Support: You can leverage NSX-T Federation capabilities to federate and manage multiple NSX-T workload domains with a single pane of glass view using Global Manager. With Global Manager, you can configure consistent security policies across multiple locations and stretched networking objects (tier-0 and tier-1 gateways). For Federation guidance, see VMware Validated Design 6.2 Release Notes
  • Static IP Pool for NSX-T TEPs: VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2 introduces additional flexibility to leverage static IP pools for NSX-T Host Overlay (TEP) networks as an alternative to DHCP. This applies to the management domain and VI workload domains with uniform L2 clusters. DHCP continues to be a requirement for NSX-T TEP IP assignment for workload domains with L3 aware or stretch clusters.
  • Support for lockdown mode on ESXi hosts: You can enable lockdown mode on ESXi hosts assigned to workload domains through vCenter Server.
  • Improvements to upgrade resiliency: VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2 includes prechecks for password validation, API performance optimization, and improvements to ESXi error reporting. 
  • Release Versions UI: SDDC Manager UI includes a Release Versions page with information on the Bill Of Materials, new features, and end of general support dates for each available VMware Cloud Foundation release. This page can help you in upgrade planning.
  • Enhanced skip upgrade experience: You can filter available upgrade bundles by the target release you want to skip to using SDDC Manager UI or public APIs.
  • vRealize Automation support for VMware Cloud Foundation cloud account: You can integrate SDDC Manager and workload domains with VMware Cloud Assembly as VMware Cloud Foundation cloud accounts. A VMware Cloud Foundation cloud account  can help you facilitate a comprehensive hybrid cloud management solution. For more information, see vRealize Automation 8.2 Release Notes
  • Service VM supported for vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) Images: VMware Cloud Foundation supports Service VMs (SVMs) on workload domains using vLCM images.  This capability enables you to deploy NSX-T Guest Introspection (GI) and NSX-T Service Insertion (SI) on workload domains using vLCM images. SVMs were already supported on workload domains using vLCM baselines (formerly known as VUM).
  • BOM Updates: Updated Bill of Materials with new product versions.

Se the full release notes here. And for the VxRail version here.

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