VMware Cloud Foundation 3.9 Released

October 25, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released Cloud Foundation 3.9.0.

What’s new 3.9.0:

  • Cluster-Level Upgrade Support: Provides an option to select individual clusters within a workload domain for ESXi upgrades.
  • Multi-Instance Management: Allows you to monitor multiple Cloud Foundation instances from a single console.
  • Fibre Channel Storage as Principal Storage: Virtual Infrastructure (VI) workload domains now support Fibre Channel as a principal storage option in addition to VMware vSAN and NFS.
  • Support for Additional Composable Hardware: Server composability has been extended to include the ability to compose and decompose Dell MX servers, enabling Dell MX customers to compose servers as per workload needs.
  • Improved NSX Data Protection: SDDC Manager can configure NSX Managers to back up on a SFTP server in a separate fault zone. It is recommended that you register a SFTP server with SDDC Manager after upgrade or bring-up.
  • Developer Center (Beta feature): Enables you to access Cloud Foundation APIs and code samples from SDDC Manager Dashboard.
  • Cloud Foundation APIs: API support has been extended. For more information, see VMware Cloud Foundation API Reference Guide.
  • BOM Updates for the 3.9 Release: Updated Bill of Materials with new product versions.

See the full release notes her: Release notes

I can see that i did not write about the release of 3.8.1, so here is what’s new from that release:

  • Automated deployment of VMware Enterprise PKS: Enables the automated deployment and the configuration of VMware Enterprise PKS on an NSX-T workload domain.
  • Dual Authentication Support: Provides the two-factor authentication for the password-related APIs in SDDC Manager.
  • Enhanced Phone Home Capability: Provides the capability to turn on phone home data for SDDC Manager deployed solutions with a single click.
  • Bugs and Security Issues: Resolved critical bugs and and fixed the security issues

See the full release notes her: Release notes

And also version 3.8.0 what’s new:

  • Support for Automated Upgrades of vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Automation through vRealize Lifecycle Manager: Enables automated upgrade support for vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Automation components managed by VMware Cloud Foundation.
  • Automated vRealize Operations Manager Cluster Expansion in SDDC Manager: Provides the ability to scale out the vRealize Operations Manager analytics cluster to handle any growing need of more resources.
  • Support for Automated Upgrade for NSX-T: Provides support to SDDC Manager for the automated patching and upgrading of the NSX-T components deployed by VMware Cloud Foundation.
  • Public APIs for VMware Cloud Foundation: Provides support for the public APIs to create and manage workload domains. The users can now invoke the VMware Cloud Foundation public APIs to create, delete, and get properties on the workload domains, clusters, network pools, hosts, license keys, and tasks.
  • SSO Management Domain Convergence: Provides the ability to link between the SSOs (PSCs) of two or more VMware Cloud Foundation instances so that the management and the VI workload domains are visible in each of the instances.

See the full release notes her: Release notes

See release notes for version: 3.7.2

See release notes for version: 3.7.1

I have earlier blogged about older versions before the above versions.

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