VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and Error LCMBLACKSTONE213006

June 7, 2023 0 By Allan Kjaer

I am using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle to move content between VMware vRA/vRO from dev -> test -> production, and that works fine, with some workaround.

I was trying to this at at customer 2 weeks ago, and was trying to move a vRealize Orchestrator Package, for Test environment, but when running the Capture, I got this error “LCMBLACKSTONE213006”.

Error Code: LCMBLACKSTONE213006
Received exception while triggering pipeline action on blackstone.

I was trying to investigating what the problem was. Here are some data about the versions.

  • Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12
  • vRealize Automation 8.10.1
  • vIDM 3.3.7

When trying to move vRO Packages I was experimenting with when it failed and did not, so I made some test packages.

  • Big package (Failed)
    • Workflows
    • Actions
    • Configuration
    • Resource
  • Workflow (worked)
    • Only a empty workflow
  • Action (failed)
    • Only a empty Action
  • Medium package (worked)
    • Workflow
    • Configuration

As I found that it was if the Package contained “Action” it failed must be something with that.

But I did not find anything wrong with the Packages, as I could export them in vRO.

I asked customer to update the vRealize Automation 8.10 to Aria Automation 8.12.

After the opgrade to Aria Automation 8.12 it is working.

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