VMware App Volumes 4 Released

January 15, 2020 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware has released App Volumes 4.0, this has new and update features + bug fixes.

There is an upgrade path from version 2.18, earlier version need to updated to this version first. If you are using the “abandoned” version 3.0 there is no upgrade path.

App Volumes 4.0 is supported with Horizon View 7.10 and 7.11. It can also be used without horizon View.

What´s new:

  • Application Inventory
    • Applications – Records that represent an application irrespective of its versions. You can create application records to manage a collection of related packages. Users, groups, computers, or organizational units can be entitled to receive one of the packaged versions.
    • Packages – Virtual disks that store one or more programs required for an application to run. A single package can be delivered to multiple computers, and one or many users.
    • Programs – Installed during the packaging process. When an application is assigned and a package is delivered to a desktop, these programs are then visible inside Windows under Programs and Features and often available from the Start Menu.
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Intent-based Assignments – Mark one of an Application’s packages as current to indicate the intended version for delivery.
    • Lifecycle Stages – Designate the maturity of a package by setting it from New toTested, Published or Retired.
    • Application Owners – Assign active directory entities to indicate ownership to each Application.
    • Application History – View a list of administrative actions that have been performed on an application and who performed them.
  • New Agent and Package Format
    • Improved Performance – App Volumes Agent now handles more package disks per user session.
    • Package Notes – Keep track of a package details by noting any specifics steps or configurations after packaging an application.
    • Improved Template Management – Template policy files (snapvol.cfg) have moved out of the template disk to the base image so that it may be updated easily when updating the Agent. Manager also provides an improved management interface for uploading and maintaining templates.
    • Support for Windows 10, version 1909

See the full release notes here.

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