Vertical Scale Up of a vIDM 3.3.4

April 30, 2021 0 By Allan Kjaer

With the latest version of vRealize Suite Life Cycle Manager (vRSLCM) it’s possible to do vertical scale of more of the products.

One of my customer wanted to do a vertical scale of there vIDM version 3.3.4, but it that failed wit error code: LCMVIDM72239 in stage 9 “Disk Partition…..”.

It turned out that the vIDM need internet access to download parted for extending the disks, and the customer installation is not connected to the internet.

The solution that VMware support provided is to manuel install the ‘parted’ package on the photon os.

So if you need to do vertical scale of your vIDM and it not connected to the internet, you should create a VMware support case, to get instruction on the correct ‘parted’ package to install.

A thanks to the customer for giving me this information.

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