Veeam has released Management Pack 8.0 Update 6

September 3, 2018 0 By Allan Kjaer

Veeam has released Veeam Management Pack 8.0 update 6.

What's new:

  • Monitoring SQL Transaction Log Backup Job. Veeam MP separately monitors SQL Transaction Log Backup jobs running inside backup jobs with the enabled application-aware processing option. For this purpose, Veeam MP includes a new Veeam SQL Transaction Log Backup Jobs view and Veeam Backup: SQL Transaction Log Job Status monitor.
  • Improved performance of Morning Coffee Dashboards. In previous versions, Morning Coffee Dashboards tended to load slowly for large-scale environments. In Veeam MP 8.0 Update 6, the performance of Morning Coffee Dashboards has been significantly improved.
  • New metric for Veeam VMware Collector. Due to the Ops Mgr Health Service (Monitoring Agent Service) limitations that appear when a Veeam VMware Collector processes a large amount of data, it is required to distribute monitoring load among multiple Veeam VMware Collectors in large environments. To assess monitoring load on Veeam VMware Collectors more precisely, Veeam MP provides a new % Object Monitoring Load metric.

Resolved Issues

  • No monitoring for Hyper-V hosts that exceeded license limit. Veeam MP license limits the number of Hyper-V hosts enabled for monitoring in Ops Mgr. Earlier, if the number of licensed Hyper-V hosts was exceeded and new hosts were added to the Ops Mgr infrastructure, Ops Mgr automatically stopped monitoring the old infrastructure and started monitoring the newly added hosts. In Veeam MP 8.0 Update 6, the issue was resolved, and Ops Mgr continues monitoring the old infrastructure.
  • Ops Mgr event log shows excessive BackupCopyJobSessionFinished events. In previous versions, the Ops Mgr event log contained a large number of 3101 events caused by errors in backup copy job status collection process. In Veeam MP 8.0 Update 6, the issue was resolved.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Collector Autodeploy limitations. If you use the Collector Auto-Deployment feature to automatically deploy Veeam VMware Collectors on Management Servers, keep in mind that it will install clear 8.0 version without patches. When installation completes, run the ISO\Update\VeeamMP80_Update6.exe installation file on each Veeam Collector to install patches.  
  • Veeam MP stops collecting storage metrics. If a storage migrates to another volume, the storage performance collection will halt and Veeam MP will stop collecting the following metrics: Storage IOPS, Storage KB Total/sec, Storage Flush Count and Storage Error Count. Note that this issue does not affect migration between hosts. To work around the issue, restart the Ops Mgr agent after storage migration.

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