Veeam B&R 9.5 and ONE 9.5 Released

November 16, 2016 0 By Allan Kjaer

Veeam has released there new Availability Suite 9.5.

What's new in Backup & Replication 9.5:

Enterprise scalability enhancements

  • Advanced data fetcher
  • VMware vSphere infrastructure cache
  • Highly optimized vSphere infrastructure queries

Restore acceleration technologies

  • Instant VM Recovery
  • Parallel processing for full VM restore
  • Data Domain accelerated restores
  • Direct restore from tape

Engine enhancements

  • Major configuration database optimizations
  • Accelerated metadata processing
  • Purpose-built user interface controls
  • File to Tape performance

Advanced Resilient File System (ReFS) integration for Windows Server 2016

  • Fast clone technology
  • Reduced backup storage consumption
  • Ensuring backup archive integrity

FULL integration with Microsoft 2016

  • Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016

  • Support for the new Hyper-V 2016 backup framework
  • Support for Hyper-V’s Resilient Change Tracking (RCT)
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V hosts installed on Nano Server 
  • 2016 Microsoft enterprise applications

Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure

  • Restore directly
  • Restore Linux computer backups
  • Perform parallel disk restore
  • The Azure proxy
  • Tighter Azure integration

Instant Recovery from ANY backup

Nimble Storage Snapshot integration

  • Backup from Storage Snapshots
  • Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots
  • On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots

Enhanced VMware vCloud Director Support for Service Providers

  • Native vCloud authentication and integrated access scoping
  • Self-service backup
  • Self-service restore

Additional enhancements


  • Parallel processing of per-VM backups
  • Proxy affinity
  • Retention check after backup job failure
  • GFS retention enhancement
  • Backup Copy job performance enhancements
  • Preferred networks for Linux
  • Network throttling for Quick Migration
  • Restore audit data retention
  • Third party components updated


  • Direct NFS priority over Hot Add
  • Direct NFS proxy location awareness
  • Thick disk type selection
  • Replica VM count balancing
  • NBD connections limit increase


  • Performance enhancements
  • VLAN remapping

Primary storage integrations

  • Protocol selection
  • Proxy selection
  • NetApp support enhancements
  • HPE 3PAR support enhancements

Dell EMC Data Domain

  • DD OS 5.7 support

HPE StoreOnce

  • Increased limits
  • Traffic control
  • Bandwidth mode control
  • Catalyst over FC enhancements
  • Catalyst updated

Scale-out Backup Repository™

  • Temporary expansion

Application-aware processing

  • Oracle on SUSE support
  • Oracle Data Guard support
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 support

File level recovery

  • OES 2015 support
  • Copy to credentials
  • File level recovery performance


  • Domain Controller roles
  • Veeam Backup for Office 365

Veeam Explorers

  • Lazy database load
  • Traffic flow optimization
  • Improved user interface

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory

  • Windows Server 2016 Directory Services support
  • Expiring links

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

  • Restore from Purges folder
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 support

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint

  • SharePoint 2016 support
  • Site restore report

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2016 support
  • Additional table types support
  • Restore performance enhancements

Veeam Explorer for Oracle

  • Dynamic parameters restore
  • Restore performance enhancements

Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

  • Scalability enhancements
  • Oracle database restore
  • Exchange mailbox item restore improvements
  • Improved self-service capabilities
  • 1-Click FLR for agent backups
  • Concurrent catalog search
  • Scalability improvements


  • Automatic tape driver cleaning
  • Tape job priority
  • Waiting for tape notification improvements
  • Adjustable GFS media set retention
  • Additional media set variable
  • Tape job wizard enhancements
  • Backup operator permissions
  • Other optimizations

User interface

  • New VeeamZIP™ retention options
  • Free space threshold for production datastores
  • Proxy selection
  • Restricted hours warning
  • Color themes


  • More lenient execution policy support
  • On-going enhancements

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What's new inONE 9.5:

General functionality


  • Support for Windows Server 2016
  • Support for SQL Server AlwaysOn
  • Web site HTTPs connection

Data collection engine

  • Backup data collection mode
  • Enhanced advanced scalability mode
  • Granular performance metrics selection

Dashboards and Widgets

  • Enhanced dashboard sharing engine


  • Ransomware detection alarm
  • Disk cache alarm
  • Custom alarm builder
  • Enhanced alarms suppression logic
  • Alarms suppression options
  • Enhanced alarms creation logic
  • Enhanced alarms modelling engine
  • Enhanced alarms assignment engine
  • Enhanced VMs alarms assignment logic
  • Support for alarm definitions configured in previous versions of Veeam ONE


  • Enhanced VMs overview tab
  • Granular per-VM monitoring option
  • Enhanced performance issues detection
  • Enhanced network connection drops handling


  • VM configuration chargeback report
  • VM performance chargeback report
  • Host configuration chargeback report
  • Host resource usage chargeback report
  • Enhanced report generation time

Business View categorization

  • Native support for vSphere Tags
  • Increased the number of supported categories

Deployment projects

  • Enhanced deployment projects engine


  • Per-VM license usage report
  • Updated Veeam ONE Monitor Client UI
  • Improved Veeam ONE Monitor Client UI response time
  • Veeam ONE Monitor Client process name change
  • Veeam ONE Monitor Client auto login option
  • Enhanced websites log in process
  • Enhanced retention policy options
  • Enhanced search control behavior
  • Enhanced UI usability
  • Enhanced Veeam ONE support utility
  • Veeam ONE database maintenance task
  • Enhanced usability for Veeam ONE Monitor Client summary views


Dashboards and widgets

  • Enhanced Veeam Backup & Replication widget pack


  • Enhanced VM with no backups alarm
  • Backup copy job data transfer window alarm


  • Backup infrastructure custom data report
  • Tape GFS backup files report
  • Enhanced backup alarms current state overview report
  • Enhanced restore operator activity report
  • Enhanced VM backup status report
  • Enhanced backup job historical information report
  • Enhanced backup inventory report
  • Enhanced Veeam backup files growth report
  • Enhanced SureBackup® jobs overview report


  • Veeam Backup & Replication pack structure update
  • Enhanced Veeam Backup & Replication detection engine

Microsoft Hyper-VM


  • Guest disks monitoring
  • Tracking Veeam backup activity


  • Guest disks alarm
  • Enhanced current memory pressure alarm
  • Enhanced host average memory pressure alarm
  • VM shutdown by host alarm
  • VM shutdown by guest alarm


  • Guest disk free space report
  • Alarms current state overview repor
  • Enhanced oversized VMs report

Dashboards and widgets

  • Enhanced Hyper-V infrastructure dashboard

VMware vSphere


  • Enhanced alarms current state overview report
  • Enhanced garbage files report
  • Enhanced guest disk free space report
  • Enhanced VMware Infrastructure overview report

vCloud Director

  • Support for multiple vCloud Director servers

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