Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3 New Features

Veeam are Beta testing the upcoming Update 3 for Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5.

I have been looking thru different medias like Forum, "Word for Gostev", and other, for information about the update. And I have compile a list of the new features, that it looks like will be a part of the update.

I have no release date for the update, but it will properly be in Q4 2017, properly end November.

Management for Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows

With the release of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3, there will also come a new version of Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, that can be managed from the Veeam Backup & Replication Managment Console.

Including software distribution of the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.

This new version will also support Microsoft Cluster with shared disk support.

Managment for Veeam Agent for Linux

I have not found any information about this, other then a statment in Veeam Forum from Gostev "Centralized management for physical backup is in fact a part of Update 3".

Support for New Microsoft Windows/SQL Versions

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Windows Server 2016 1607 and SQL Server 2017 will be supported.

Note: that Veeam has decided to temporarily disable fast cloning functionality (ReFS) when using repository on Windows Server 2016 1607 in Update 3.

Support for VMware vCloud Support 9.0

VMware vCloud 9.0 will be supported.

Storage integration

There will be support for storage integration with IBM Storwize and SVC, also including Lenovo branded Storwize.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Starting Veeam B&R Update 3, Veeam Cloud Connect Service Providers will have an option to enable new “insider protection” functionality on tenant account.

See more here:


EMC DataDomain OS 6.1 support may also be included.


All this information is found in different threads and not all of it's may reach the release of the update.


Update 3 RTM was released for Service Provider on November 20th, the GA version is usually release 2-3 weeks after.

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4 thoughts on “Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3 New Features

  1. hi allan

    what do you mean exactly with this note: “that Veeam has decided to temporarily disable fast cloning functionality (ReFS) when using repository on Windows Server 2016 1607 in Update 3. ”

    is there any article in veeam forum about this or why they disable fastclone in 1607? we are using it and its working perfectly….

    thank you

    1. Hi Florian

      This i what Gostev wrote in “Word From Gostec” October 29th/30th

      “Also, to follow up on the last week’s digest, our QC folks did find time to do a smoke test of ReFS deduplication functionality of Windows Server 2016 version 1709 – and the conclusion is that it is currently incompatible with our advanced ReFS integration. Specifically, the issue is that block cloning API calls fail on deduplicated backup files with data integrity streams enabled – which does look like a bug on Microsoft side. Thus, to make ReFS volumes with deduplication enabled actually usable for backup repositories, we’ve decided to temporarily disable fast cloning functionality on such volumes in the Update 3. There are simply too many unknowns at this time – even if Microsoft is quick to fix the current API roadblock, further testing may uncover additional compatibility issues – but with Update 3 being just around the corner, we simply do not have enough time to iterate on this.”

  2. Hi Allan

    Thank you! You’re right, i was confused because in youre note was nothing written from deduplication. I think its correct to say its disabled per default IF youre enable dedup on refs..

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