VEBA version 0.7.3 and UI Bug

July 23, 2022 0 By Allan Kjaer

I was deploying the new VEBA version 0.7.3 this week and I found a bug in the VEBA UI (vCenter plug-in).

If you have a function that can be triggered on multiple events, and you use the VEBA UI, to add an extra event , “ADD EVENT”, to a function, it will never be triggered, also applies to all extra.

I have as a workaround created function for each event, but that is a lot of work in the UI, I could have done this with some YAML files, and that would be faster.

I created a “BUG” ticket on the Github site for this fling, and about 2 hours later Michael Gasch had been in contact with the vEBA UI team, and they had found the error and have a solution, as a result, there properly will be released a version .0.7.4, the due date for this is at the moment August 31th.

Note: Just test the latest pre-release of the 0.7.4 version for William, and this has fixed the problem. So it will properly be released soon.

NOTE: With vCenter 7.0.3f or newer, fixed the BUG where the VEBA UI was not working in vCenter 7.0.3 see more here at William Lams blog. VMware has just released a new version 7.0.3g that fixes an upgrade problem with 7.0.3f.

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