VCSA Restore Problem

October 13, 2021 0 By Allan Kjaer

I was just today doing at restore of a vCenter 7.0 from a VCSA backup, and in stage 2, when it validated the backup file and checks the newly deployed VCSA, it returned the following error/failure.

Metadata and system validation failed.

Error: Unknown system resource type seat

Error: Unknown system resource type vtsdb

This error come because the old vCenter server had 2 disks extended (seat and vtsdb), so I had to check in the backup meta data file “backup-metadata.json” for the original size of this disk, and exspanded the VMDK files, and the volume.

Afterwards the restore continued.

NOTE: Another solution could be to edit the size in the “backup-metadata.json” (make a backup before editing), but make sure you do not make the disks/mounts to small to contain the data. I don’t know if this is support, so do this at you own risk.

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