Storage vMotion Error “SYMC-FULL” method is disabled

September 30, 2016 0 By Allan Kjaer

I had a customer getting this error when trying to Storage vMotion a virtual machine.

This is due to Symatec BackupExec has failed to reverse this setting on the VM after backup of it.

VMware has a KB on how to resolve this, but this do not have a solution for vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 (vCSA 6.0).

And instead of make modification directly to the Database, I wonder if there was a way of doing this thru PowerCLI. I then remembered reading a blog by William Lam about how to disable/enable vMotion Method on an VM, see the article here:

I download the script from here:

There is an script here that also can be used:

Then i modified the script in the sample section:

### Sample Usage of Enable/Disable functions ###

$vc_server = "<vCenter server name/IP"
$vc_username = "administrator@vsphere.local"
$vc_password = "<Password>"
$vm_name = "<VM name>"
$method_name = "RelocateVM_Task"

# Connect to vCenter Server
$server = Connect-VIServer -Server $vc_server -User $vc_username -Password $vc_password

$vm = Get-VM -Name $vm_name
$vm_moref = (Get-View $vm).MoRef.Value

#Disable-vSphereMethod -vc_server $vc_server -vc_username $vc_username -vc_password $vc_password -vmmoref $vm_moref -disable_method $method_name

#Enable-vSphereMethod -vc_server $vc_server -vc_username $vc_username -vc_password $vc_password -vmmoref $vm_moref -enable_method 
Enable-vSphereMethod -vc_server $vc_server -vc_username $vc_username -vc_password $vc_password -vmmoref $vm_moref -enable_method $method_name

# Disconnect from vCenter Server
Disconnect-viserver $server -confirm:$false

This fixed the problem for my customer.

Using this script and method is at your own risk.

Please share this page if you find it usefull: