New Fling from VMware

October 20, 2014 0 By Allan Kjaer

There is a new fling from VMware, this one is very nice for troubleshooting, ESXTOP for the vSphere Web Client.

This includes the following features:

  • Separate tabs for CPU, memory, network and disk performance statistics
  • Flexible batch output
  • Flexible counter selection
  • Advanced data grid for displaying stats (sortable columns, expandable rows, etc.)
  • Configurable refresh rate
  • VM-only stats
  • Embedded tooltip for counter description

This is for the moment only available for the VCSA 5.5.

​Someone has a workaround that makes this available i the Windows version of vCenter 5.5:

I have checked the plugin on a Windows installation, and it works fine.


Beware that it might slow down the vSphere Web Client.

Please share this page if you find it usefull: