Intel E5-2600 V2 CPUs and Virtualization

June 30, 2014 0 By Allan Kjaer

There is a bug in the Intel E5-2600 V2 CPUs when running a virtualized environemt ontop of servers runnings this type of CPUs, that can resolve in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) og Kernel Panic in Linux Virtual Machines, this not apply to VMware vSphere but also to Hyper-V and other hypervisor. There may also be other Intel E5-xx00 V2 series CPU's affected.

HP has a Customer Advisory on this issue: c04327904

Some hardware vendors have created and released Firmware Bios/Uefi updates for there servers that fixes this problem.

I have seen this om HP servers and IBM server. I have seen this on HP DL380p Gen8 and IBM x3650 M4 (7915):

Llink to HP DL380p Gen8 (with the Intel E5-2600 V2) patch for this server: Download page

link to IBM x3560 M4 (7915) patch for this server:Download page

Make sure you use the firmware Bios/Uefi thats designe for your systems.

VMware has a KB on the bug: VMware KB2073791 this also contains a work-around if the hardware don't have a update for this.

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