HPE Customized ESXi Image, Removed from Download

There is found a critical issues in a combination of firmware and driver in the HPE customized ESXi images. så the affected versions have been removed from the VMware download page.

The message stats that they will upload a new version October 6. 2017, this is for ESXi 6.5 Update 1, but it's the same for other versions.


HPE has en Advisory about the problem here:https://h20566.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=a00027033en_us

They have also removed the affected directories from there VIBs depot, so this will result in update failures if you are using this in VMware vCenter Update Manager (VUM), or other. HPE will proberly release new version the same day as the ESXi images.

HPE has also released a new version of there firmware update DVD, 2017.7.2, this can be found here: http://h17007.www1.hpe.com/us/en/enterprise/servers/products/service_pack/spp/index.aspx

Update October 6th 2017:

The new Customized images released and VIBs depot updated.

Update November 6th 2017:

The new Customized images released and VIBs depot updated. Now with a new driver for the affected network cards. New image date November 3rd 2017.

This is from the new driver Readme file:

Version 2.713.30.v[50,55,60].9 (Sep 21, 2017)
Internal FW 7.13.7

1. Problem: The CONFIG_CHANGE mailbox is issued unconditionally.
         In MFW version before 7.13.44, this could corrupt MFW image.

    Change: Issue CONFIG_CHANGE mailbox only in OV mode.

    Introduced: Day 1.

    Relevance: MTU Change, WoL, Change MAC.
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One thought on “HPE Customized ESXi Image, Removed from Download

  1. I had this problem in my environment, which was really annoying since it caused unforseen intermittent lockups of the server causing the production environment to be unstable. Its long since i had a driver update that solved it, but its good that they have proactively solved it for the new deployments as well.

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