HP Smart Array p440ar and vSphere 6.0 patches

June 22, 2015 0 By Allan Kjaer

I had a customer/colleague that was upgrading there HP DL380p Gen9 server with local datastores on a HP Smart Array p440ar, with the new patches from VMware, they was doing this manually, from command line.

After a reboot the local storage was not accessible, and the Controller was not visible any more.

The problem is that the new patches contains a newer (higher version number) version of the "scsi-hpsa" driver version:, but the controller only supports the older drivers like version This is according to VMware HCL list and HP driver download for this adaptor.

The solution was to install the patches and before rebooting, to downgrade the driver til

i hope HP is going to release a new firmware for this RAID adaptor that will support the newer driver, since VMware is shipping the newer driver, in there updates.


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