ESXi Embedded Host Client v6

March 9, 2016 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware updated the ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling to version 6.

The best news is that a version of the will be part of the upcoming ESXi 6.0 Update 2 release, see William Lam's blog post:

He also stats that i will be accessible in the fre VMware Hypervisor version.

Here is the change log for this version:

New Updates in 6.0

Bug fixes

  • Ability to edit VMs with network adapters attached to static-binding distributed virtual port groups
  • Fixed a bug related to changing network adapter type
  • Fixed a bug related to VM screen shots and consoles when connecting to host client via IPv6 address
  • Fixed a bug where consoles would not work when host client was reverse-proxied on a non 443 port
  • Fixed a bug when modifying congestion control algorithm in TCP/IP stacks
  • Fixed an issue where context menus would sometimes be unlocalized and show missing translation errors
  • Many more minor fixes



  • Optimization of recent tasks panel (recent tasks will 'nap' if you minimize the panel, improving performance)
  • Performance tuning in populating distributed virtual portgroup port metadata (caused host client to hang on load with a DVS with large numbers of connected VMs)
  • Performance tuning in loading of virtual machines
  • Performance tuning in global search (search populates much faster now when a large number of VMs exist)
  • Performance tuning when loading Host Summary


Notable additions

  • Ability to consolidate virtual machine disks
  • Hide session timeout notification when mouse moves
  • Show notification when specified VM guest does not match the guest running in a VM
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