ESXi Embedded Host Client v4

December 22, 2015 0 By Allan Kjaer

VMware updated the ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling to version 4. Here is the change log for this version, and older:

New Updates in 4.0


  • Ability to change host acceptance level
  • Ability to edit lock down exception users
  • Ability to edit system swap settings


  • VM list has been optimized for performance, reducing data download by a factor of 5.
  • Ability to edit VM advance options
  • Ability to edit VM video adapter settings
  • Add a PCI pass through device (unable to remove device though)
  • SRIOV support for Network card devices
  • Ability to change browser console keyboard layout (Japanese and German are the currently supported layouts)
  • Cmd+a or Ctrl+a to select all VMs in list
  • Soft-power off and reset if Tools is installed is now supported


  • New Tools and links menu under Help
  • Update mechanism can now take a URL or data store path to an metadata zipfile, allowing to update ESXi itself
  • Localization and internationalization (French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean
  • Ability to disable session timeout
  • A huge number of bugfixes and minor improvements

New in version 3.0

  •  VM
    • Answer question support
    • Upgrade virtual hardware to the latest supported by the host
    • Hot edit VM settings
    • VM table column configuration (show/hide columns), remembered across browser refresh
    • VM startup/shutdown priority (simple increase/decrease)
  • Host
    • Change host power management policy, advanced power configuration
    • Generate IP/FQDN certificate signing request and import new certificate
    •  Join a host to an active directory domain controller
  • Storage functionality
    • Disk device partition editor
    • Adapter rescan for new LUNs
    • Disk device rescan for new VMFS volumes
    • Clear a disk's partition table
    • Disk device partition diagram
      • Increase datastore size onto disk that already contains a partition table

In-app update tool: provide a URL to a new version of the VIB, refresh the browser, et voila!

  • Performance charts
    • Ability to change performance chart colors (two choices: default VMware colors and high contrast colors)
    • Added Network and Disk charts to Host performance UI
    • Improve VM performance UI, still missing some charts
    • Improved performance UI on tablets
      • Always hide the top legend in the chart
      •  Hide the focus widget to increase vertical space
  • General
    • For tabbed UIs, the selected tab is remembered as you navigate around the UI to avoid un-necessary clicks
    • Better scrolling performance on tablets (tested on iPad)
    • Hide-able navigator allowing more space on tablets
    • Shortcut buttons to Host, Host Manage, Host Monitor, VMs, Storage, Networking when navigator is collapsed
    • Improved Actions menu behavior on tablets:
      • Menu navigation no longer hides the actions menu
      • Added an explicit close button on actions menus
      • A second press on the Actions button will close the menu
  • Bugfixes
    • VM table sizing with small number of VMs
    • In-browser consoles:
      • Will now attempt to reconnect when losing a connection to a powered on VM
      • Reverting to a powered-on snapshot while a console is open to that VM will reconnect the console

Previous Version

  • VM Snapshot support
  • In-browser VM console full screen support
  • In-browser VM console 'shrink' support
  • Double click title bar to enlarge dialogs and wizards
  • Alt + drag in a dialog or wizard to resize
  • Completed file browser (copy/move/delete/create directory/upload/download)
  • Right click on VMX file in browser to register VM
  • Improved host performance monitoring UI
  • Composite CPU/memory figure
  • Locale override (we still only support en-US at this stage)
  • Customizable session timeout
  • Mount/create NFS datastores
  • Create VMFS datastore (currently only on disks that don't have a partition table)
  • Extend VMFS datastore (currently only onto disks that don't have a partition table)
  • Mount/Unmount VMFS datastore
  • Firewall ruleset listing (currently read-only)
  • Mac OS guest creation has been enabled
  • Many bug fixes, too many to list individually, but here are a couple of major ones:
    • Localization on ESXi 5.5 should be working now
    • We have removed pt-br, so you shouldn't have issues if you use that locale now

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