ESXi Embedded Host Client 8

VMware Keeps updating the ESXi Embedded Host Client fling, and it's now in version 1.3 (fling 8). Here are the change log for version 1.1 and 1.3:

Version 1.3.0 build 3841871 (Fling 8)

  • General
    • Table/grid filtering search and pattern highlighting
    • Most tables now offer right click support in all columns
    • Automatically fix the proxy configuration when it finds the conflicting /ui endpoint
    • Automatically fix a missing /ticket proxy endpoint
    • Better handling of shrunk consoles when screen width is small and/or there are many shrunk consoles
    • Fixes for Login page welcome message
      • JSON Parse error has been fixed
      • Support for {ignore}{/ignore} directives in /etc/vmware/welcome to hide some sections from Host Client but still display them on DCUI
      • Support for {accept}Message beside checkbox{/accept} to allow administrators to enforce acceptance of some terms before allowing users to login. This should be added to /etc/vmware/welcome. To add a message which will be shown if users do not check the checkbox, put {mustaccept}Message to users{/mustaccept} in /etc/vmware/welcome
    • Performance monitoring UIs for Host and VM
      • Filter/search input for filtering series
      • Remove row selection in the series grid to filter series
      • Remove the CPU filter dropdown on the Host performance UI
      • Set performance charts to use monotone interpolation for smoother lines
  • Host
    • Support for VSAN maintenance mode options
    • Advanced config UI behaves much better when options are changed (table is not reset, scroll position kept)
    • Sensors monitoring UI has been given some love
  • Virtual Machines
    • Support for adding Sound controllers in VM settings
    • Better validation on adding serial ports in VM settings
    • Better UI for modifying VM advanced settings
    • Fixed some issues when using Host Client against ESXi 5.0 when editing VMs
    • Support for adding/removing USB passthrough devices. Currently it's not possible to remove a USB passthrough device when the VM is powered off or suspended, only when powered on.
    • Disk and network charts have been added to the VM performance monitoring UI
    • Deploying OVA VM images now has no size restrictions and much better browser performance and support
    • More options to send keys to guest using Actions menu (function keys, Ctrl-c)
    • Access to limited Actions menu when console is in full-screen mode
    • Download VMRC directly from the ESXi host if you install the VMware-Remote-Console VIBs that are available as downloads from this site. Otherwise the original behavior sending the user to remains unchanged.
    • Fixed a bug where loading a VM summary page may prompt for a password
    • Fixed a bug where console may appear fuzzy due to scaling factor
    • Experimental Portuguese keyboard support
    • Auto-expand VM summary network stack when IP information is available
  • Storage
    • Support for configuring software iSCSI
      • Enable/disable
      • Authentication settings
      • Advanced configuration
      • Add/remove port bindings
      • Add/remove static targets
      • Add/remove dynamic targets
    • Device status (including iSCSI error conditions) are displayed more prominently (with an icon) in the Devices table
  • Networking
    • Ability to change MTU for VMkernel Interfaces
    • Improved handling of firewall rule updates
    • Fixed a bug editing VMkernel interfaces on ESXi 5.5

Version 1.1.0 build 3731936 (Fling 7)

  • General
    • Show /etc/vmware/welcome (Annotations.WelcomeMessage) as a pre-login message on the login page
    • Show /etc/motd (Config.Etc.Motd) as an app-level notification after login
    • ANSI escape sequence parsing in notifications (mostly for MOTD)
    • Double click on resize handle to make grid maximum height
    • Improved scroll bar behavior in grids
    • Ignore Backspace presses when a wizard or dialog is open and a text input is not focused (this stops the browser from navigating back in history under the dialog or wizard)
    • Actions menu is now available in consoles opened in separate windows and tabs
    • Ability to disable visual effects from settings menu
    • Ability to show entire inventory from settings menu
    • Press escape to clear app-level notifications
    • Add auto-refresh support for Host and VM log viewer
    • Support pressing Escape key to clear validation messages in dialogs and wizards
    • Host and VM log viewer will auto-scroll to the bottom of the log on load
    • Improved the performance chart tooltips
  • Virtual Machines
    • Keyboard layout menu now in browser console title bar
    • VM create/reconfig/ops working with ESXi 5.1
    • More optimizations to VM list
    • Fix a bug related to disk ordering in the OVA/OVF deploy wizard
    • Fix a bug with OVA deploy for Safari
    • Fixed a bug where you could not add a new disk to an existing VM on a different datastore
  • Storage
    • Visual improvements to datastore browser

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