10fb does not support flow control autoneg

January 28, 2019 0 By Allan Kjaer

This is a follow up on a blog that Brian F. Knutsson wrote last year, about a Intel network driver that spammed the VMware ESXi logs, and vCenter event log. In the Blog from Brian the solution was to change from the Native driver and to the Linux style drive.

See the blog here: https://vm.knutsson.it/2018/07/10fb-does-not-support-flow-control-autoneg/

My Colleague André Briand de Crèvecoeur wrote about this in Linkedin, and a HPE Senior Techinal Consultant, wrote that there is a solution now.

So since that blog was published, Intel has released a new Native driver that fixes this problem, and there is a HPE Advisory about it. In the advisory they recommend updating the ixgben driver to version 1.7.10.

The HPE driver and VIB repository still have the old driver, and so does the HPE Customized image.

This i not a HPE problem but a general problem with this driver and a selection of network adapters, and I have not checked other vendors Customized ESXi images.

Here is a screenshot from vRealize Log Insight for a customer, when updated the driver on their hosts, show the amount of lines with this error.

So after all hosts was updated there was zero “10fb does not support flow control autoneg” in the logs.

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