VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.1 Released

VMware has released vRealize Network Insight 6.1. What’s new: Network Assurance and Verification Intents are added for the native VLAN and native VLAN tagging mismatch Supports Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Firewall in Network Map Supports Juniper devices in Network Map through Netconf (Without the need for SSH) Usability is enhanced for path searches to include […]

New Releases from Veeam

Veeam has released Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris 2.1, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 5a and Veeam Backup for AWS 3.0 Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris 2.1 This was already releases in October, but newer got to publish anything about htis. See the release notes here. See the release information here. See the what’s […]

VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 1c Released

VMware has released vCenter 7.0 update 1c, ESXi 7.0 1c and earlier they released VMware Tools 11.2.1. vCenter 7.0 update 1c What’s new: Physical NIC statistics:  vCenter Server 7.0 Update 1c adds five physical NIC statistics:droppedRx, droppedTx, errorsRx, RxCRCErrors and errorsTx, to the hostd.log file at /var/run/log/hostd.log to enable you detect uncorrected networking errors and take necessary corrective action. Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion:  With vCenter […]

VEBA v0.5.0 fixes and other Hints to Functions

During this weekend i “upgraded” the VEBA appliance in the test/demo environment to version v0.5.0, and during this I ran into a new problems with some of the functions. In the earlier versions I also had some problems, that I had to do some things to workaround, so I decided to do a blog about […]

VMware Event Broker Appliance v0.5.0 Fling Released

Michael Gasch and William Lam has released version 0.5.0 of there VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) fling. This is one of my favorite flings at the moment, I have been doing some fun and useful functions with version 4.x. Last week a did a presentation of VEBA, with demoes of this Functions to the danish […]

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 5.0 Released

Veeam has released Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 version 5.0. What’s new: Microsoft Teams support Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Teams Scalability and performance enhancements 5X backup infrastructure scalability increase Workgroup environment support Faster population of objects in the backup job wizard 2X faster backup data migration to object storag Faster backup and more efficient […]

VMware Flash End of Life and Supportability

Adobe Flash Player is going End of Life (EOL) on Dec 31, 2020. The major web browser manufacturers have aligned their efforts to disable/stop running Flash applications around this date. There still customer who are using VMware products that is managed with at Adobe Flash Client, all the products now has a other solution in […]