Veeam Releases update 2 for Backup & Replicator 8.0

Veeam har just released Veeam Backup & Replicator 8.0 update 2, which gives support for vSphere 6.0, but also have many other fixes and new features. This version also gives support for integrator with Veeam Endpoint Backup Free. Veeam Backup & Replicator 8.0 update 2 can be found here: For integration with Veeam ONE 8.0 please install the new update 2 for this, this can…

By Allan Kjaer April 28, 2015 0

Veeam Endpoint backup – Free (Released)

Veean has released there free backup solution for backup Windows machine, physical or Virtual. This solution can be integrated with Veeam Backup and Replication 8 patch 2, so we just have to wait for the release of this patch, to see the integration.

By Allan Kjaer April 15, 2015 0

ESXi hardware status, false warnings/Alert

I have see on different servers, from multiple hardware vendors, showing false warnings/Alerts under the hardware status, like this. When looking at the hardware in IMM/ILO/iDRAC/… it does no show any errors. What I have found is that this might be inconsistense between Firmware/BIOS/…. on the hardware and the vendors CIM modules But it may…

By Allan Kjaer April 12, 2015 0

Virtual Volume VVol interoperability

In the newly released vSphere 6.0 there is a nice new feature called VVol, this is a feature that's has been talked about for a long time. But before you implement this, you should check if it interoperability with features or other products that you are using. VMware has made a KB. with there interoperability: You should…

By Allan Kjaer March 31, 2015 0

VMware NSX 6.1.3 Released

VMware has released NSX 6.1.3 with support for vSphere 6.0. There is some limitation in the support for vSphere 6.0, see this KB: There are also other changes, for this see the release notes, they can be found here:

By Allan Kjaer March 23, 2015 0

RVTools 3.7 Released

One of my favorite tools, for collecting information about customers VMware vSphere environment, has been updated. This new version contains this fixes and new information: VI SDK reference changed from 5.0 to 5.5 Extended the timeout value from 10 to 20 minutes for really big environments New field VM Folder on vCPU, vMemory, vDisk, vPartition, vNetwork,…

By Allan Kjaer March 15, 2015 0

Veeam support for vSphere 6.0

Veeam don't have support for vSphere 6.0 at the moment but they are working on it here is what they are saying on there forum. Veeam Backup & replication: Not yet, as currently available code does not support it. We will estimate and communicate final support timelines once we deploy the RTM build of vSphere…

By Allan Kjaer March 13, 2015 1